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Crittenton’s defense attorney Eldridge Suggs said his client wasn’t in the vehicle that shot Jones and was eager to clear his name.The Wolves have offered a four-year, $52 million deal and could possibly go as high as $54 million.I think I’m happy with this role, said Fernandez, who scored three points Saturday night against theRead more

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We can change this small city that we have – this small market that we have – and we can make it a big market.Tracy McGrady scored 36, but struggled down the stretch.He participated in over 100 playoff games and made three Finals appearances.The new members won’t be announced until Monday, but nominees who areRead more

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Doc Rivers had no interest in a rebuild, nor did Garnett or Pierce.It was a chance for Howard to help the league that has catapulted him to fame, but more importantly a chance for him to interact with his fans.?For all of these people to come, shows me how much support we have and howRead more

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The Wolves have tried to get the spirit in him, trading for Kevin Garnett to mentor him in the ways of competitive madness as a rookie, getting Tom Thibodeau, who worked magic with Joakim Noah in Chicago, to implement a tactical structure that would make him a defensive starwalt, and yet, here he is, driftingRead more

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They’ll figure out how to live without him.I can’t do nothing.Along with Kennard, Detroit may have found another starting wing in Bruce Brown Jr.It’s system-based. Dec 30 10 AM Nicolas Batum is adjusting to coming off the bench behind Gerald Wallace.This is something I have been preparing for my whole life, Morris said.Jazz Pull OutRead more

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A local TV station in Detroit says a deal with the Cavaliers is 90 percent complete but Brown denied it as well.Green was assigned to Erie on Feb.So it just depends on who your team is.- hanging from the back of former owner Don Carter’s hair.I spend a lot of time making predictions about teams,Read more

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Then begin to provide the services necessary to move forward in their lives.defense field goal kicking competition.Obviously, I didn’t have OTAs or rookie minicamp to kind of get my feet wet.Along those lines, another thing to pay attention to is, despite no headliners like Chase Young, Myles Garrett, or one of the Bosa brothers, PettitRead more

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Which is why I’m still upset about my 40 time .It is very important.So I was looking at what are those things that I can still do.I think adversity is nothing new to us, we’ve always found a way to weather the storm.If so, Detroit will focus on its other big issues, including their receivers.Read more

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