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This should have been first down. Jenkins covers Smith well, but allows outside position and slips on the comeback. It’s a routine play that the receiver should have made and the cornerback covered, but this was a vital moment in Sunday’s game. After the play Jenkins mocks Smith as the two are standing. The firstRead more

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Have you ever spent 15 minutes at the water cooler breaking down man coverage schemes to your coworkers? Is your Madden record based mostly on making deft choices for the defense? Can you chart a new path back to Revis Island? If you answered yes to any of those questions, your dream job is waitingRead more

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Brian Cushing is on a three-month recovery timetable from a broken fibula and torn LCL in his left leg suffered during the Houston Texans’ loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports. Cushing had to be carted into the locker room after taking Cheap Vikings Jerseys a shot to the kneesRead more

SportsCenter on the Road: The many jerseys of Kobe Bryant

Roy Green tries to convince granddaughter to ditch Larry Fitzgerald jersey for his Roy Green has his work cut out for him between now and Oct. 2, when he’s inducted into the Arizona Cardinals’ Ring of Honor. It doesn’t matter how many times Green tells his granddaughter about all his great catches, great games orRead more

LOOK: Johnny Manziel is 21st name added to sad Browns QB jersey

The jersey hangs in a window in downtown Cleveland and serves as a constant reminder that the Browns actually do one thing well: They produce horrible quarterbacks. Manziel will be the 21st player to start at quarterback for the Browns since 1999, the most in the NFL during that time period. Just to review, here’sRead more